March 22, 2023

The Secret Behind Client Communication

The Secret Behind Client Communication

Alright entrepreneurs! Well, not just entrepreneurs, but for anyone that works with clients on a daily basis, this one’s for you! 

Today we’re joined again by Qwantel Mosley, a great friend of mine who left her job to become an online business manager. For those of you thinking of going out on your own to coach, consult, freelance or anything else having to do with clients– Qwantel is your girl to help answer those inevitable first-timer questions.

So sit back and take notes as I guide us through Qwantel’s journey to becoming a successful and efficient business owner. There's a ton to learn and apply directly to your own business in this one!

In this episode, we break down…

  • Managing client relationships in a way that's healthy for all parties involved
  • How to specialize, grow your business, and provide enough value with hard ROI to justify a higher retainer
  • The importance of having contracts in place when managing multiple projects
  • How to handle a situation where things DON'T go as planned within client work, and how bad communication is often at the root of the problem
  • Knowing when to walk away from a project that just isn't the right fit, and how to do so professionally

Key Quotes & Conclusions…

  • "You're on retainer; you don't want to get comfortable. It's like if you're in a relationship and stop going on dates. If you let it go stale, it will."
  • "It's important that you know when to walk away, and understand that every project is not the best project. You have to be careful with getting caught in your feelings."
  • "Communication is so huge in just the discovery call itself. When you start asking these deep questions and they answer them in ways that give you 'uh-oh' feelings; pay attention to your internal understanding."
  • "There could be a thousand things, but what is the thing you feel is hindering your funds from coming through when it comes to your actual marketing? So, that's the first thing I ask whenever I ask someone to prioritize.”
  • "If the things that you present to me within your goals tell me that you have no time to dissect all the ideas that are within your head, we probably should not be on retainer."

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