Oct. 13, 2021

Finding Impact Through Service with Courtnie Gore Esq.

Finding Impact Through Service with Courtnie Gore Esq.

Welcome to the Impact Season! You’re probably wondering, Okay Ashley, what’s up with this topic? I’m here for the systems and processes. Well, the goal of Conversations With #AskAsh explores how systems and processes build our lives through business, technology, and life. This season we are leaning into the life sector.

On today’s episode, meet Courtnie Gore, Esq, a person who embodies a deep understanding of serving others on a daily basis. As a lawyer, professor, and content creator, Courtnie’s turned her passion into a legal career where she dedicates her life advocating for children and families. Join us as we talk about discovering purpose, balancing career and life, and her mindset on creating impact in her career.

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