Sept. 15, 2021

Conversations With #AskAsh featuring Lamar Shambley

Conversations With #AskAsh featuring Lamar Shambley

Here’s what I love about my guest, Lamar Shambley: it’s his love for service, people and culture. One of the places that has changed my life is the College of William and Mary. I met Lamar when he was freshman at The College and it was cool to see him speak Spanish fluently and get to know through service activities, studying in the Library, and hanging out with friends. He’s the guy who’s rapping Biggie lyrics from start to finish. Over the years, I’ve seen Lamar making an incredible impact in the lives of young people as a Spanish and Math Teacher, but most recently as Executive Director of Teens of Color Abroad (TOCA). TOCA is a social impact organization that provides high school students of color with global language learning opportunities.

This is an incredible conversation on discovering purpose, how your environment plays a role in your personal development, and the rise of TOCA!

Catch Up with Lamar & TOCA