Sept. 8, 2021

Conversations With #AskAsh featuring Dr. Regina Warren

Conversations With #AskAsh featuring Dr. Regina Warren

Welcome to the Impact Season! You’re probably wondering, Okay Ashley, what’s up with this topic? I’m here for the systems and processes. Well, the goal of Conversations With #AskAsh explores how systems and processes build our lives through business, technology, and life. This season we are leaning into the life sector.

When I first met Dr. Regina, we both connected through serving our local community with the Northern Virginia Urban League Young Professionals. One of the things that I love about Dr. Regina is about how each action she makes is intentional and impactful. Her ability to motivate and help people accomplish their goals is truly awe-inspiring. This episode is super special as we talk personally about finding purpose, what it means to work in and finding purpose through our work. Find out how Dr. Regina navigates life’s pitfalls and how to rise above uncertain circumstances to regain confidence and make an impact with your life.

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